Bright Spots & Landmines

A Revolutionary New Diabetes Book

Hundreds of Food, Mindset, Exercise, & Sleep Tips

Adam Brown’s acclaimed diaTribe column, Adam’s Corner, has brought life-transforming diabetes tips to over 1 million people since 2013. In this highly actionable guide, he shares the food, mindset, exercise, and sleep strategies that have had the biggest positive impact on his diabetes – and hopefully yours too! Bright Spots & Landmines is filled with hundreds of effective diabetes tips and shortcuts, including: 

  • What to eat to minimize blood sugar swings; 
  • Helpful strategies to feel less stressed, guilty, and burned out; and 
  • Simple ways to improve exercise and sleep. 

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About Adam

Adam Brown, diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, serves as Senior Editor and columnist at diaTribe and Head of Diabetes Technology & Digital Health at Close Concerns. Adam writes an acclaimed column for diaTribe, Adam's Corner, which has brought actionable diabetes tips to over 1 million people since 2013. He is a widely requested speaker and has shared a patient perspective at over 75 diabetes events in the past seven years, including local and international patient conferences, FDA and NIH meetings, and the field’s largest scientific gatherings. At both diaTribe and Close Concerns, Adam writes extensively about diabetes technology, and at age 29, is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field. He spends his free time hiking and cycling in the Bay Area, drinking tea, and teaching his old dog new tricks. Bright Spots & Landmines is his first book, and upon release, immediately became a diabetes bestseller on Amazon.

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